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Claim your discounts for being an Inmotek (5% or 10% for annual payment) user

16€ / month

Lease contract module: Yes

Buildings module: Yes

Clients module: Yes

Management module: Yes

Multi-user: Yes

Access restrictions: Yes

Email and telephone support: Yes

Integral Lease Management: 10

Standard Leases (linked to CPI): 100

Additional lease: 0,40€ (Includes 1 Integral lease and 10 standard leases)

Everything Alquitek includes

Standard Equipment

Access from any device (mobile, tablet or desktop)

Transfer data into our system from any format!

Ticket BAI support, just add your certificate!

Billing, advances, remittances, importing bank transactions

Manage every incident: create and resolve incidents with processes

Landlords have a private area where they can see all the work done for each building.

We’re here to help

Uninterrupted 24h technical support by phone and with an incident management system